About us

The Focus is the recruitment arm of Technicolor, hiring specifically for its award-winning film and episodic visual effects studios MPC Film, Mr. X and Mill Film across various locations around the world, including London, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Bangalore, and Adelaide. We also hire for animation studio Mikros Animation in Montreal as well as for Technicolor Academy.

At The Focus, we recognise that talent is the most underrated tool in VFX, and that great content can only be produced with great talent. The most advanced technologies can only go so far without talented people wielding them.

As a team well-versed in the perspective of talents, our goal is to provide a space that highlights both the quality work they create and the journeys they took to make it in VFX. This is why we created this online platform.

The Focus, through this website and our social channels, aims to be a hub of stories and information for all kinds of VFX professionals – from artists and producers to developers and those starting out. We endeavour to be a source of insightful VFX features, news, breakdowns, and analysis, which you can explore through our four main areas of concentration: People, Technology, Studios, and Shows.

So, feel free to look around. If you’re here as someone already working in the VFX industry, welcome home. And if you’re new or still finding your way, you are more than welcome to join us.