Posted May 20

Meet the Developers: Rajeev Mutyalu

by Ronan Rusu
Meet the Developers: Rajeev Mutyalu by Ronan Rusu

In this new series hosted by The Focus, we speak to the developers behind the visual effects of some of your favourite films.

Gain insight into their work and learn more about what it means to work within our R&D team.

First up, let's meet Rajeev Mutyalu from MPC Film.

What is your role with R&D?

I'm currently a pipeline lead with MPC Film.

What type of tasks do you take on?

Currently, the team and I are responsible for all tools pertaining to plates (ingestion and client sends, which includes prodops, imaging and VFX editorial) and 2D production, which includes compositing, matchmove & rotoanim and roto & prep departments. Basically, my role is to identify any manual and less than ideal process and provide an automated and more effective solution. I have completed 13 years with the company and I still have something new to learn every single day with all the exciting projects we're is dealing with.

What is your favourite project that you've contributed to and why?

My current project 'conform ingest', which is all about verifying the client data (plates) and ingesting them automatically into the pipeline. It has given me great opportunities to understand how the client data comes in and goes back.

Why do you think MPC Film is a great place for your career?

It is definitely a great place to work. I wouldn't have stayed this long if MPC Film hasn't provided me with the opportunities that have made me enjoy working till today.  

MPC Film provided me enough opportunities to travel across the globe and I am proud to be member of Technicolor's Fellowship Program.

Finally, as a small way to get to know you better, what fictional place would you like to visit?

Narnia. I am very fond of animals and happy to spend the rest of my life talking to them.


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