Posted Jun 24

Meet the Developers: Robert Tovell, Global Head of Pipeline

by Ronan Rusu
Meet the Developers: Robert Tovell, Global Head of Pipeline by Ronan Rusu

In this new series hosted by The Focus, we speak to the developers behind the visual effects of some of your favourite films.

Gain insight into their work and learn more about what it means to work within our R&D team.

Let's meet Robert Tovell from MPC Film and Episodic.

What is your role with R&D?

Global Head of Pipeline for MPC Film and Episodic.

What type of tasks do you take on in your role?

It's a lot of organisation, planning, and empowering our developers to do great things. This includes thinking about how we meet our current challenges but also what the future looks like. Most of this involves a lot of meetings and emails, but seeing our teams turn ideas into reality is the reward. I do sometimes write some code!

What is your favourite project that you've contributed to and why?

The Virtual Production shoot for The Lion King. I'm really proud of the work that MPC Film achieved here both creatively and from a technology standpoint. What we developed as a team set the new standard for Virtual Production, and when you see companies like Epic providing Virtual Production tools, it's based on what we did on The Lion King.

Why do you think Technicolor is a great place for your career?

The range of services that Technicolor provides is impressive and being able to tap into each of those different areas and learn and grow from their different experiences is great. As much as my focus is on film and episodic, I can learn and get different ideas from people in advertising and games, and apply that to what I do, as well as contributing back to those different areas.

What fictional place would you like to visit?

Wakanda from the Marvel movies. Their advanced technology is great and I would love to see what I could learn to help us keep advancing here!


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